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Who Vladimir Putin really is!

People call me the Crazyman, I'm going to give you my opinion of Putin. Now, let's talk about who Vladimir Putin really is! Putin is a very evil and sadistic person who enjoys hurting others around the world. He’s a mass murder, MO serial killer. Another word that describes Putin well is "unscrupulous," which means he doesn't care about doing what's right.

Putin doesn't value the importance of life or property. You can't expect good ideas on how to run the world from someone like Putin. He doesn't know how to create a fair and positive environment for everyone. Instead, he uses fear and power to control others. He doesn't have the ability to understand or consider traits that he doesn't possess.

He doesn't have any sympathy, empathy, consideration, regret, or guilt. If he had any of these feelings, he wouldn't have invaded Ukraine! He couldn't negotiate because he doesn't have the skills to do so. You can't change him, and you shouldn't expect him to do something he's not capable of. When it comes to making fair agreements, Putin has nothing to offer. What do you think Putin has done good for Russia?

When Putin crossed the border into Ukraine, he was ready to do anything to win. Asking Putin to do the right thing is like asking a color-blind person to choose the paint color for a baby's room. It's like trying to train a beagle dog to act like a bird dog. Putin is not fit to make rules for a civilized society because he simply doesn't have the ability to do what's right. We must stop him. Ideally, we should have stopped him at the border before he attacked Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, but we must act today, if not sooner, to put an end to his actions.

Putin cannot change, negotiate, or create a fair environment for everyone. Dealing with him is pointless, and it's time to confront him and stop the war in Ukraine. I'll never understand why the world tolerates Putin's actions. Putin is an evil, sadistic person, and that's it!

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